5 dishes you should try if you visit an Armenian restaurant

The gastronomy of Armenia has its origins in the influence of several regions of Turkey, Russia, Iran, Syria and the Mediterranean. This cultural influence was adapted to various typical dishes that today are the delight of many Armenian restaurants.

Armenian gastronomy is very varied since lean meats, dairy products, fruits and vegetables are consumed. Among the dairy products, the preference for yogurt as part of the dressings in salads and meats stands out.

If you are a gastronomic traveler and you like to taste the dishes of the world, you must visit an Armenian restaurant and try five culinary delights typical of that region.

  1. Kawarma

Kawarma or shawarma is a dish of meat (lamb, fish, chicken, etc.) that is cooked on a grill. To serve it, it is accompanied by a variety of garnishes such as hummus, pomegranate, tahini, tomatoes, among others.

  1. Grilled Halloumi

Halloumi is made from goat and sheep’s milk cheese and is cooked on the grill. This cheese is served in salads accompanied by a variety of ingredients, such as cucumber, tomatoes, mint, Armenian pepper, pomegranate, olive oil, yogurt, etc.

  1. Manti

Manti is considered Armenia’s national dish. It is prepared with a dough made of flour, water and butter or oil. Small spongy balls are prepared with this dough and steamed. The manti or mantu can be filled with beef, chicken or mushrooms and served with a traditional yogurt sauce seasoned with pepper, parsley, onion and salt; it can also be served with a tomato sauce.

  1. Shish Taouk

It is a dish originating in the Middle East, very popular in Armenia. Its main ingredient is chicken and it is seasoned with lemon and garlic for cooking on the grill. In addition, the chicken is marinated with a mixture of spices that give it an intense aroma and color that awakens the appetite.

  1. Tabbouleh

The main ingredient of tabbouleh or tabbouleh is bulgur wheat which can be used in soups, salads, stir-fries, and as a substitute for meat in hamburgers and meatballs. It is a food that is cooked like rice and served preferably as a cold dish. Bulgur wheat has nutritional properties and provides magnesium, iron and calcium.

The recipes for preparing tabbouleh may vary depending on the country where it is prepared. Generally, it is a dish that is prepared with parsley, onion, mint, tomato, cucumber, lettuce, eggplant, broccoli, carrot, etc. Tabbouleh is considered a very versatile dish to eat alone or as a garnish on meat dishes, lamb, tuna, among others.

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